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Storify: Moving in Cape Town – a #capeadvice story

December 14, 2017

A #capeadvice question around moving companies in cape town

An often asked question from our @capeadvice follower


Anyone know a moving company to help me move a small flat in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town? @capeAdvice #capeadvice

Looking for a moving company for a small move from CT to Jhb. Any recommendations? #twoogle #capeadvice
A few suggestions from our followers.


@capeAdvice @NateKettles Dude With AVan is AWESOME. Cheap & reliable. Find them on Facebook.



@NateKettles @capeAdvice yes! Try lennies removal. Used them twice already. Reliable n affordable.


@capeAdvice @NateKettles check out  it’s free and rated movers will respond.
Updated request from @LifeisSavage and some more advice.


People… Best moving company in Cape Town? Cheapest ,most reliable to move furniture etc. Stuff in 2 bedroom apartment. #capeadvice


@LifeisSavage contact the guys at  and they will get you the best for less and back it up with good service.


@LifeisSavage @ryanfbt & I used a GREAT guy, moves everything & anything + great price – Derryk (076) 5731265


@LifeisSavage Found Eezi Move Removals very good.All arranged on-line,came on time,delivered on time.A very small move but I was impressed.



@LifeisSavage go gorrila movers based out of pinelands


@LifeisSavage Go Gorilla movers. Cheaper than any other quote, super efficient and awesome people to boot! 
@LifeisSavage Dude & a Van- best moving experience ever
@LifeisSavage i’ve used Master Movers a few times. Reasonably priced and pretty reliable. They have storage options too.



@capeAdvice @NichMulgrew We used A&B Movers. They have offices in Killarney Gardens


Hey #capeadvice – recommendations for a moving company to move a flat from @CapeTown CBD to Woodstock, please? @capeAdvice
@darrynvdwalt @CapeTown @capeAdvice I used “Two Men and a Truck” last week and they were excellent 
@capeAdvice @NichMulgrew Ambassador Removals & Storage Tel: 0215551988 Email: 
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