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Trance party love

February 19, 2013

I have a new passion… a new love… a new family.
And it’s called trance.

my happy hat and happy nails


the main stage at origin 2013
Where else can you go to a party for three days and act like a kid and just have boundless fun? You can dance all day and night, play with hula hoops and poi, eat delicious things, see interesting things… be weird… be inspired… be happy.
hula hoops (there are also fire hoops!)
poi (also comes in fire!)
I’ve been lucky enough to make friends with the hula hoop crowd. These guys are called Arise and Hoop and they’re an amazing group of people with some mad skills. Have a look at their fire hooping at Clifton Beach a couple of weeks ago here. I make a brief appearance. 😉
get dirty!

Trance parties get dirty. I’ve had the happiest stomps in rain and mud.  We had a bit of rain at Origin but the party went on… with abandon! People dress up and dress down. It’s up to you. You can sleep in a tent or in your car.. or just find a spot in the chill zone tents. But do bring something warm.

More than anything, trance parties are about P.L.U.R. which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. If you embrace those four things, you will see the beauty of trance parties. It can be just a party but it can be so much more. I have had the privilege to meet some real trance “hippies” that embrace the philosophy of one love. It’s been an honour to be welcomed into their community.


make new friends
There’s nothing more I can really say other than join me for the next one and see for yourself. 🙂
For more information on Origin, follow them on Facebook.
My Origin pics here.
A few other parties I can recommend:
Alien Safari
Vortex (easter)
Psycho Stomper
Groovy Troopers
See you on the dance floor.
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  1. July 14, 2013 11:17 pm

    Your secret is out_ You are AWESOME!

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