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Hannah Hart Love

December 2, 2012

I spend a LOT of time on YouTube. Who needs TV when you have all these amazing videos online? There are a few YouTube celebrities that I follow but this lady is my favourite.



I’d like to introduce the beautiful and oh so cute and adorable Hannah Hart. *squee* GIRL CRUSH *squee*

She goes by the name Harto and I follow here on YouTube and Twitter…and Instagram. I like her a LOT!

She started off doing a YouTube show called My Drunk Kitchen (MDK) which is basically a cooking show (of sorts) that’s made while she gets drunk. What could go wrong? Nothing. It’s hilarious.  Her first show was called “Butter Yo Shit” which pretty much sums it all up. This is one of my favourite episodes because she hates baking as much as I do. Ha!

She’s become so famous that even Jenna Marbles (super famous youtube star) made a tribute to her MDK show. In return, Hannah made this video spoofing  “How to trick people into thinking you’re good-looking” (40 million views… what?) and made this. And now they’re real life friends and make cake together. Well… kinda.

She also sings. And she loves cheese. So she wrote a cheese song. Obviously. She’s made some other really cute songs like “Oh Internet” (acoustic version) but this is her hannahversary special rendition of the cheese song. She also asked her fans to send in their tributes and there are now a whole bunch of very cool versions of this song around. But I like this one:

More than that, she’s a sweetie pie and actually cares about her fans. I love her YourHarto channel where she entertains us with random funnies and shares a bit of her personal life. She’s just released part 1 of her coming out story and I was touched by the highly emotional movie night video (to be watched with the movie playing) that she did while watching the documentary “Small Town, Gay Bar”.  She also does Advice from the Hart (aww) where she answers questions and gives all types of advice to her fans.

So, after all of that, I’m here to claim that I am team Harto and 100% fully Hartosexual. And I’ve said aww to much. Sorry! 🙂

But seriously… go watch it all!


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