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My Eurovision 2012

May 27, 2012

I have never watched Eurovision live before.. until tonight. I’d heard it’s pretty cheesy but nothing could’ve prepared me for this. The winner has now been announced and the costumes have been put away… but the horrors will live forever on youtube. Let’s go through it all again, shall we? Oh come on now…. 🙂

So let’s go straight to the gold space suits. Yes! This is Ireland’s contribution… for the second time… it’s Jedward. As someone pointed out on twitter: “I like the fact that the only unsynchronised dancing on #Eurovision is done by a pair of twins.” My personal highlights are the hand heart and the power ranger moves.

I have quite a little sweet spot for the Germany entry. This is Roman Lob. He has the sweetest face and eyes…. oh gosh… he’s just so pretty. *swoon* The boy can sing a bit too.

My personal favourite and the group that seemed to steal the hearts of Eurovision… the Russian “babooshka” grannies. God bless them. I have nothing bad to say. They came SECOND! 🙂

Of course Sweden won with this “club hit.” I’ll admit it’s a catchy tune and she has a great voice… but the performance was a little weird. Except the MC Hammer move…. THAT was classic. My favourite comment on twitter: “This reminds me I need to get my fringe cut.”

Thank you Europe.

That was entertaining.

~ anib

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