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Halaal all the things!

March 29, 2012

So, what’s happening in sunny South Africa today? Must be a slow news day because look what’s trending on Twitter:


So it looks like Christians are excited about eating hot cross buns at Easter…. as long as they’re not halaal. Wait… what? How did this happen?? Well it looks like Woolworths in trouble with the Christians again. This time they decided to mark their hot cross buns as halaal… and um… this seemed to piss off some christians. The reasons why they were pissed off range from the ridiculous to the deeply offensive. But here’s a quick recap of the events before I make fun of the whole thing. 🙂

I first heard about this yesterday on my twitter timeline. Apparently there was some email chain letter going around and there were already some posts on the Woolworths Facebook page about it. Today the story was published in mainstream media. IOL had the brilliant headline of Hot Cross Christians. And of course Memeburn has the social media story all wrapped up for us here.


My favourite blogger, 6000 had a great summary of events saying,

However, for me, it’s just another nail in the coffin as far as christian credibility is concerned. And to be honest, we’re running out of space on the lid now. When members of a religion (or any other group) display such stupid, irrational (shock) and intolerant behaviour, there comes a point when society will simply stop listening.


And another great blog post by Jacques:

 But no matter how offensive it might be to have the obvious pointed out to you (and it often is), these buns have always been halaal. And kosher. And the relevant stamps have been on the packaging for years now.


But enough about the serious stuff. I have my personal beliefs and I’m willing to talk about them offline but the internet is supposed to be a place of fun. Where idiotic things are mocked ruthlessly and we can all giggle about it together and forget the drama.

So, this morning I asked Twitter to make me a meme pic and GoDsGiMp very kindly made me these:

I’m sure you know about the X all the Y meme, right? Go read up… because afterwards I thought… I can do better.

So, here it is. My moment of pure brilliance. 🙂

And that is my commentary on the whole thing.

My pleasure.


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