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It’s a Geeky Christmas

December 20, 2011

So I really do love everything about christmas. I’ve written before about some of my favourite cheesy muzak and some beautiful choirs spreading the christmas cheer.  Now it’s time to “geek it up” for christmas.

Christmas lights bring out the child in me. We dont really do these kind of big christmas light displays in South Africa. It doesn’t make sense in our weather and it must be really expensive. But we thank our American friends for giving us this light display based on the Angry Birds theme song.

That reminds me of the Slayer Christmas light display I posted last year. If metal is more your thing, try this CD (with thanks to @magependragon for the link). I would love to hear those Christmas songs. 🙂

Of course, christmas trees and decorating the house are part of the fun of christmas. My favourites are the pacman and dalek christmas trees from this geeky decorating list. But this Cthulhu tree really does steal the day. Read the background on GeeksAreSexy.

However you choose to celebrate this year, I hope Santa checks into your house this Christmas and all your wishes come true. And remember to love your crazy family… even if they make you pose for awkward family photos like this.

Merry Xmas!

~ anib

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