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What’s this about Curation?

June 15, 2011

So the internet is a pretty amazing place, isn’t it? It’s a great source of information, fun and um…. cats**.  Ok, so it’s not perfect but I think that we all find having the internet at our fingertips very useful.

When we google something, we expect to have the answers to our questions in the first three results. If we wikipedia something, we accept that the information has been checked and verified by a crowd of internet saints. We make friends on various social networks with similar interests and will happily click on links that they post, expecting it to take us somewhere interesting.

So is this it? Is what we see online the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Well, in an interesting chain of events.. I learned something new today.

My Stumble buddy, Ms Xineann (who is also a great source of cats**), stumbled this video to me yesterday. It talks about “collective curation” by CrowdSpoke, a website that wants to make getting information easier. The site is still in beta (of course I’ve signed up!) and it looks like a simple enough idea, but I already actively use StumbleUpon, Twitter and Facebook. I feel like that’s more than enough information and I get everything I need to know. Or so I thought… but watch this video first.


When I posted the video to Twitter, my friend @andrevr introduced me to Eli Pariser and his “Filter Bubbles” idea. I dont feel too bad about not knowing about this yet as he’s just released his book this year. I will see if I can get the book (Thanks Exclus1ves!), but I think everyone should be aware of the filters these websites use… and our own self imposed filters. Watch and learn: Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles” | Video on


It was also interesting watching the discussion between @andrevr and @paulscott56 on anti-curation but I have no idea what they’re really going on about… Sorry guys. 🙂 Here’s the link.


So… I got all of that interesting info from a few friends… and, with a bit of googling, I could find more.

Aint the internet amazing? Now let’s do our best to protect it.



** About those cats.  I’m sure you’ve seen the hugging cat and the Nexus phone ad. See? I like cats. Really. 😛

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