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Have you heard about Egypt?

February 13, 2011

By now you’ve all seen or heard at least something about Egypt. If you haven’t… what are you doing?

I got caught up int the Twitter stream of “Revolution 2.0” and managed to catch most of it on Al Jazeera live. Now that the president is gone, I’ve been able to catch up on how the revolution evolved. If you wanted to know how this happened, watch and learn with me.

First, it started with Tunisia. The protests for freedom lasted for 28 days before the president resigned and fled the country. This particular video is especially moving. With the loud protesters in the background, this song of peace just seems to soar above the noise. I love it.


With Tunisia’s victory, the Youth Movement in Egypt took the opportunity to start their own revolution. Meet Asmaa Mahfouz, the “girl” that called the people of Egypt to Tahir Square for the Jan25th protest. Her words are simple but powerful and I’m in awe of her strength.


I was also touched by this interview with Wael “Google” Ghonim. He is being heralded as the “Facebook freedom fighter” but, during this interview, he is just a proud citizen that wants to help his people. He is not poor and didn’t need to take part in the protests, but he did.. and he helped motivate his people to carry on.


This has been the revolution of the youth, the women and the internet. If you want to see a brilliant documentary on People and Power, please watch this half an hour clip on the Youth Movement. I also loved the clip of this brave “girl” shouting at the security police. For a bit of context of history, watch this clip of how one person can stand up against an army.

One person.

The war for peace and freedom is an ongoing one throughout the world. As Egypt was celebrating their freedom, South Africa was celebrating 21 years of Nelson Mandela walking free from prison. It’s an ongoing fight and I wish my Egyptian brothers and sisters much love and peace.



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