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The zombies are coming

October 29, 2010

My friends. This is a public service announcement.

This Halloween weekend, it’s time to be extra vigilant for marauding zombies. In a recent scientific study, the authors conclude that humanity’s only hope is to “hit them [the undead] hard and hit them often”. Are you ready? Do you have weapons? Do you have rations? Just watch this helpful video and learn.


If you want to look like a zombie… get undead or just go to this site. I know some people are into dating vampires, but I wouldn’t suggest dating zombies. But zombies do fall in love… apparently.

And if you’d like to join an epic Zombie Walk in Cape Town, check out this Facebook link. 🙂

*random thought* I wonder if Paul the Octopus will come back as a zombie.

But if you want to use this Halloween as just another excuse to have a party, I suggest you make some meat hands (meatloaf is always scary IMO) and some Halloween cocktails (so much of YUM!) and watch some bizarre horror movies (seriously, watch the lampshade attack).



Whatever you get up to this weekend, be safe out there…



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