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Why get an iPhone?

October 18, 2010

Hi. My name is Ani and I dont have internet on my phone.

I’m not trying to be cool… I just can’t afford it. But if I were trying to be cool… I’d probably have to get an iPhone. But I don’t think I would.. or could.. for very many reasons.

The main reason is that I would very quickly break it but, otherwise, I just think it’s an exorbitant waste of money. The iPhone is still regarded as a “luxury purchase” in South Africa but, with the release of the iPhone4, the interest is rising (It’s bigger than Bieber! :P). And, despite the price, people still buy, buy, buy. Recession be damned!


The Apple fans can be a tad fanatical about their favourite product. I still don’t see anything too remarkable about it, other than the touchscreen. I’m more interested in this question: Will it blend? (It’s very very cheesy. Apologies.) Anyway, the geeks seem to like it for some other obscure reasons…

Oh ok.. I jest, I jest. The entire reason for this post was this pretty cool band called Atomic Tom. Apparently they had their instruments stolen but that didn’t stop the music. I don’t know what app they’re using on their iPhones but I love it. Go and give them some link love. 🙂

Rock on, kids.


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  1. al_ice permalink
    January 5, 2011 12:43 pm

    Atomic Tom is a good ad for iPhone… wonder what Apple thought?

    Soon the #ipad will arrive and I will see what the fuss is about… I better like it! LOL

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