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ani’s world

September 29, 2010

Hello and welcome to my world.

My name is ani and I find lots of interesting stuff that I’d like to share with you.

Where do I find this stuff?

I find most of my links via my followers at StumbleUpon (SU). SU is all about finding cool websites based on your interests. I have over 50k likes since 2006 so I’m a pretty big fan. Get the addon here (the Firefox toolbar is the only toolbar you’ll ever need!), or try it on the iPad or the iPhone.

Otherwise, I follow some interesting people on Twitter. I have a few great lists that I use to keep track of all my interests, but most of the links are found randomly throughout the day. A great new favourite way to keep track of the important stuff is via It creates a newspaper out of all your followers’ links. Here is my

What are my interests?

Well, I have a particular interest in social networking. I love the idea of people connecting with each other across the world, sharing information and creating a whole new world online. I’m passionate about taking this online world offline and I love it when strangers get together to make a difference in the real world. Related to this, I love new technology and hope to create a place where geeks and non-geeks can get this information.

I have a passion for passionate people. I’d love to showcase artists, poets, writers, geeks and nerds that love what they do. Honest expression is all that I look for, so my tastes are quite varied. I hope to showcase little unknown treasures for your appreciation and inspiration.

Otherwise, humour and beauty make life a little bit more pleasurable, and I’d love to share more of that with a bigger audience.

That’s a pretty broad idea of what’s in store.

Let me know how I’m doing.. what you like and what you don’t.

Thank you!


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